Try these Subs if you are looking away from Subway!


Potbelly serves some of the best sandwiches in the United States. Made with fresh ingredients, they’re the American people’s favorites. 

To get well-crafted and massive sandwiches head over to Potbelly! Potbelly offers a huge menu with something for everyone, from hearty soups and salads to beloved meat-lovers’ dishes and vegan sandwich options.

They carefully slice their meats and vegetables to create sandwiches that are lightly toasted and as tasty as possible. Besides their delicious sandwiches, Potbelly also offers salads, soups, shakes, potato chips, and more to its customers.

More on potbelly menu here

American Deli

A fast food restaurant chain in the United States called American Deli offers a selection of savory foods such as subs, gyros, Philly cheesesteaks, and hot wings. 

The goal of the restaurant is to provide tasty, fresh food in a welcoming environment that “keeps you coming back for more.” The restaurant aims to unite people via delicious meals. 

The crew takes their time thoughtfully producing delicious dishes that are the clients’ all-time favorites. 

You need to try their delicious subs such as Deli combo, sub sandwiches with fresh ingredients like Ham, turkey, w/fresh tomatoes, lettuce, Cheese, onions, pickles & banana peppers.

Detailed American deli menu here

Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John’s specializes in Gourmet sandwiches and grilled panini sandwiches. They allow you to customize your subs. 

All of your favorite condiments are included in these inventive sandwiches, but the bread is replaced with lettuce. 

To improve the nutritional value of your meal, you can also make a few more requests or modifications to your subs.

You must first select your bread when ordering a Jimmy John’s sandwich from three options: French, thick-sliced wheat, or the Unwich (a lettuce wrap). The sandwich menu is then selected, with options for customization available at every step. 

Jimmy John’s offers a variety of meat-and-cheese combos that are frequently served with lettuce, tomato, and onion on its menu.

Penn Station

Penn Station offers a range of other sandwiches in addition to its famous cheesesteak. Additionally, they are well known for their hand-cut fries. 

The par-baked bread goes through a conveyor belt oven at least once whether you order your sub hot or cold. If you want these subs hot, they must be “grilled” which requires an additional oven session. 

Every veggie is freshly cut and sliced in-house throughout the day. This is a surprisingly excellent sub, despite the unattractive appearance.

Also try the cold Italian in which the ham is smoked.

Firehouse Subs

Firehouse Subs is well known for its Hot Specialty subs. You are also allowed to Build Your own Sub.

Firehouse Subs take great pride in producing their own “secret recipe” sub buns, utilizing premium meats and cheeses. Because they “steam” their meats and cheeses before putting them on the freshly prepared bread, they take great delight in being unique.

Pepperoni Pizza Meatball Sub combines three Italian-American classics: meatball subs, pepperoni pizza, and garlic bread. 

The Pepperoni Pizza Meatball Sub is made with Italian meatballs from Firehouse Subs that are marinated, have twice as much melted provolone cheese as a traditional Firehouse Meatball, and are topped with crispy pepperoni slices and Italian seasoning. It is then placed inside a freshly buttered garlic bread sub roll. Try this out!